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Sep 15, 2018 · SWTOR Augments Guide – Item Modificatoin Station . How to create an Augment Slot in your Gear Piece. Go to an Item Modification Station. Open it by right-clicking on it. Drag the gear piece you want to create an Augmentation Slot for. Click on the “Add Augment Slot…

Patch 4.1/ SWTOR. SWTOR New Crafting Items and Schematics in 4.1. Dulfy 112 Comments Feb 6, ... 10 Augmentation Slot Component MK-9; ... The 208 earpiece you can craft now on your cybertech will get boosted to rating 212 gear. A look at the Augment Kits and Slots in 1.3 - Dulfy crafting/ Patch 1.3/ SWTOR. A look at the Augment Kits and Slots in ... you crafted to get an augment slot component ... Item Modification Tables in the game world now provide players with the ability to add augmentation ... Swtor Augment Slot Upgrade - Augmentation Slot Component MK-6, x 10; Durasteel x2 I want to slot machine ke stazeni zdarma do mobilu make slot component stuff to swtor augment slot ... Augmentation Slot Component How to make these ... you RE said belts to get the swtor augment slot upgrade ... SWTORData | Augmentation Slot Component MK-10 Used in the creation of Augmentation Kit MK-10. ... SWTOR Data. Toggle Navigation Site. Search Database; ... Augmentation Slot Component MK-10

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Augmentation Slot Component MK-10 - TORCommunity | SWTOR Guides, Tools, & Databases Item View for Augmentation Slot Component MK-10 Category: Crafting Material, ... SWTOR Tooltips ... => Array ( [enMale] => Used in the creation of Augmentation Kit MK-10. [frMale ... Augmentation Slot Component MK-7 | SWTOR Item | Item Database for Star Wars: The Old ...

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How to Create an Augmentation kit A kit requires you to have the basic crafting materials and ten augmentation slot components, of the same/specific tier. You can get an augmentation slot component by reverse engineering a ... Swtor Where Do You Get Augmentation Slot Component SWTOR: Reverse Engineering Synth Bonded Attachment for MK-9 Augmentation Slot Kit Components. Featured Guide Star Wars: The Old Republic Companion Gift Guide Companions are a vital component of SWTOR, but how do players keep ... Augmentation Slot Component MK-1 - Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki Source [edit | edit source] Reverse engineering [edit | edit source] Augmentation Slot Component MK-1 can be obtained by reverse engineering Tier 1 crafted gear; any crafted equipment item that is reverse engineered will yield ... Swtor How to Get Augmentation Slot Component Mk 9 Swtor How to Get Augmentation Slot Component Mk 9. STAR WARS: The Old Republic - [Armortech] Getting Augmentation ..