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To remove a jack when you're done with it, tap up with a hammer to disengage the jack from the nails. To drive the nails in so they don't poke through the roofing, slip a flat pry bar under the shingle and over the nailhead and pound the nail down. Or, if the tab is flexible enough, lift it as you nail.

Roofing Felt Adhesive | eBay Everbuild Black Jack 904 Roof Felt Adhesive. Coverage as a roof felt adhesive: 0.6 - 0.8 litres per m. Roof Vents. Used as bonding agent to create a strong seal to apply all types of roofing felt onto 10 ft. x 20 ft. Silver Black Heavy Duty Tarp - The Home Depot 10 ft. x 20 ft. silver black heavy duty tarp covers area of up to approximately 200 sq. ft. Poly rope-reinforced hems around the edge with plastic cap-reinforced corners; Silver black heavy-duty tarps are popular for use as wood pile tarps, hay stack tarps, canopy

Rubberized Roof Patch - 10 Year A revolutionary advancement in roof patching and repair. This long lasting rubberized repair is specially formulated to penetrate deep into damaged areas and stop roof leaks instantly! The secret is Penetrex™, a unique penetrating oil that reaches deep into the crack and forms a complete

Black Jack® | Canada: Black Jack® Canada | Roof, Driveway and ... Black Jack® Canada has been the "professional's choice" for coatings in Canada. We manufacture a variety of roof, road and waterproofing products. ENERGY STAR Certified Roof Products | EPA ENERGY STAR

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Black EPDM - Flat Roof Solutions Black EPDM has been used extensively (billions of sq feet in service) in roofing applications since the 1960’s and has survived the world’s toughest climates for ...

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